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Troubleshooting (Virtual Machine)

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** The virtual hardware has changed (especially disk type) since the original machine was created
** Sysprep can't customise the machine because it doesn't have administrator rights, this can occur where a DC's users have been offloaded to [[Acronyms#L|LDS]]
== Can't Connect VM's NIC ==
When powering up a VM its network card becomes disconnected. If you tick the ''Connected'' checkbox, the task completes without error, but the checkbox is unchecked again.
This can happen when exporting a VM from Lab Manager, or can be caused by config errors with vShield Zones (and there are probably triggers as well). You may notice either of the following in the VM's <code>vmware.log</code> file
* <code>vcpu-0| [msg.ethernet.e1000.openFailed] Failed to connect ethernet0.</code>
* <code>vcpu-0| [msg.ethernet.openFailed] Failed to initialize ethernet0.</code>
Filter config has been left on the VM's NIC, which is causing problems when trying to connect the vNIC to its portgroup.
In order to resolve either...
* Replace the virtual NIC in the VM's config (remove the NIC, then readd it)
* Manually remove the offending config lines from the VMX file
*# Power off the VM, and identify where its VMX config file is, and what ESX its on
*# Remove the VM from the vCenter inventory
*# SSH to the ESX, and edit the VM's VMX config file
*# Remove any lines that reference a filter on the affected NIC, for example...
*#* <code>ethernet0.filter1.param0 = "0x2000029" </code>
*#* <code>ethernet0.filter1.param1 = "3" </code>
*#* <code> = "vsla-fence" </code>
*# Register the VM
*# Verify the NIC's connected network, and reconnected the NIC
*# Power the VM back up
For more info see [ VMware KB 1028151]
== VMTools Automatic Cursor Release Not Working ==
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