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Virtual Machine (KVM)

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Note that VMs are known as '''domains''' in the KVM world.
== Prerequisites ==
This guide assumes you have a basic working environment, run the <code>kvm-ok</code> command to sanity check...
Once the command has got as far as <code>Waiting for installation to complete.</code> you need to connect to the VNC console session, to find the port number to connect on query the config from anothet SSH session connected to the host (typically VNC uses ports starting from 5900 upwards).
virsh dumpxml ubuntu-desktop | grep vnc
== Other Config ==
=== Auto Start ===
To ensure that a VM domain starts with the host server issue the following commands (replace <code>vm-name</code> with the name of your VM
virsh autostart vm-name
To disable issue
virsh autostart vm-name --disable

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