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Virtual Machine (KVM)

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Move Virtual Machine: Updated CPU type / mode info
# Update the config, if necessary...
#* Disk file path - If the VM disks are in a different path on the new server up date the path in the XML file, look for <code>source file=</code>
#* CPU type - If the physical CPU type is different on the new host, you may need to update the VM config to allow for this, update the <code>cpu mode</code> config to match the capabilities of the destination host (see , or just set to <code><cpu mode='host-passthrough'/></code>. See for more info).
# Import the VM
#* EG <code> virsh define /path/to/VMName.xml </code>
# Start the VM
#* EG <code> virsh start <VMName> </code>
== Other Config ==

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