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Import Collector SSH keys

This procedure is used when a new CiRBA collector is being brought online, SSH keys have to be exchanged and imported in order to setup communication with the existing Manager server...

  1. Provide existing CiRBA collector FQDN name and IP's(likely to have to added to hosts file)
  2. Provide existing CiRBA collector SSH key
    • \\DTCP-VIRCIRM01\D$\Cirba\SSHKeys\user\
  3. Add name and IP of Collector server to Manager server's hosts file
  4. Import new CiRBA server SSH key (and rename to FQDN of server)
    1. EG Rename file to:
    2. Copy to \\DTCP-VIRCIRM01\D$\Cirba\SSHKeys\host
  5. Run import script on CiRBA Manager
    1. Run up cmd prompt and change to D:\program files\Cibra Server\bin
      • ssh-keymgr.bat import host D:\cirba\sshkeys\host\
    2. This should create an entry for the new Collector in
      • \\DTCP-VIRCIRM01\D$\Program files\CiRBA Server\sshcfg\known_hosts\
  6. Restart both Collector and Manager CiRBA servers
  7. Test SSH connectivity from Manager
    1. RDP to DTCP-VIRCIRM01 and run-up Internet Explorer, and login as admin/admin
      • runas /user:reutadmin "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"
    2. Go to the left hand Administration menu, then Manage CiRBA servers
    3. Click the "New" button, enter Collector's FQDN in the Name field and cirbaadmin in User field.
    4. Click "Test SSH"